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Whoopass Stew for the Soul

My name's Lauryn. I have a hat and a huge love for animation.
Also goes by Cody and Zoey. 19. Female. College student. Not exactly normal. Wanderer. Wreckling. Brony. Disnerd. Animation fan. 1/3 of Wandercast.
My tumblr consists of Wander Over Yonder, Wreck-It Ralph, My Little Pony, Disney, Animated films, the occasional Pokemon, and anything else I find that captures my attention.
I'm a part of the Wandercast Podcast. Link to the podcast's main page is above.

Posts tagged colorful

Jun 28 '12

Goime 500: If you’re ever bored, play this game.

It’s a silly little platformer game that consists of nothing but earning achievements. 500 of them. When you play this first time around, be in for at least an hour of gameplay. It takes a while to beat it first time, but after a while, beating it becomes second nature. 


Dec 30 '11

The Ballad of Colorful Hearts Teddy

I’ve been a Build a Bear lover all my life. I have quite a few animals, and I visit my local store on a monthly basis. Well, I went there today and I discovered that BABW, for the very first time, has recalled one of their furry friends. It was the Colorful Hearts Teddy, this guy right here:

Why was he recalled? Apparently some models of the bear used thinner fabric that could rip around the eyes and pop them out, posing a choking hazard. If i’m not mistaken, an email was sent to all the people who bought this guy, which can be seen here:

They’ve reported no instances of choking yet, but are recalling him just to be safe. 

I know they’re trying to do the right thing and all, as well as give them a coupon for another free animal when you return him, but, call me crazy, I really feel bad for the bear.  BABW has recalled accessories and pins in the past, but this is the first animal recall in their history.

Maybe there’s a young child out there who really loved her bear and is kicking and screaming because she doesn’t want to give him up.

How do you think the bear feels? Being the only recall must hurt a bit.

Maybe they’ll become evil and turn their backs on BABW.

What if another animal pulled out the eye of this bear just to be funny and now he has to wear an eyepatch?

What if this bear has to live with a lifetime of guilt because of his recalled state?

eh….it’s late. And my mind wanders off when it’s late.