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Whoopass Stew for the Soul

My name's Lauryn. I have a hat and a huge love for animation.
Also goes by Cody and Zoey. 19. Female. College student. Not exactly normal. Wanderer. Wreckling. Brony. Disnerd. Animation fan. 1/3 of Wandercast.
My tumblr consists of Wander Over Yonder, Wreck-It Ralph, My Little Pony, Disney, Animated films, the occasional Pokemon, and anything else I find that captures my attention.
I'm a part of the Wandercast Podcast. Link to the podcast's main page is above.

Posts tagged musical

Oct 20 '12

Remind me to not watch The Lorax when I have Wreck-It Ralph on the brain. Or else I make stuff like this.

We Say, Wreck It, Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph parody of “Let It Grow”) under the cut.

(spoiler-free BTW)

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Feb 23 '12

Pinkie Feet

Edited by Cody The Maverick

This made Equestria Daily!!!